Legal Services

Real Estate – Real estate transactions are simple until they are not.  The task of ensuring that the purchase or sale, and financing, of your home proceeds smoothly has become increasingly complex.  The lawyers of Knott den Hollander have decades of experience in ensuring that your sale or purchase, and financing, is as efficient and painless as possible.

Wills and Estates – A poorly drafted will is a time bomb waiting to go off and involve an entire family in conflict.  Ensuring that your wishes are clear and respected is our priority.  We also bring extensive experience to estate administration and guardianship issues.

Family Law – The issues raised by separation, divorce and child custody can be the most stressful in our lives.  The lawyers of Knott den Hollander understand that more than legal issues are involved and can support you in reaching fair and respectful solutions with as little conflict as possible.

Collaborative Law – Among the lawyers of Knott den Hollander are some of the most experienced collaborative lawyers in Saskatchewan.  Collaborative law is a method of resolving legal issues with the help of lawyers but without going to court.  All those involved must commit to work together in a non-adversarial way to reach solutions that work for everyone.

Legal Fees

There is no one size fits all answer to how legal fees are calculated.  The legal costs of buying or selling a home or settling an estate are usually based on the value of the property involved.  Other relatively simple and straightforward matters can be subject to a fixed fee.  Where help is needed in a more complex matter or in a legal dispute, it can be difficult to predict the precise costs in advance.  We are committed to discussing the costs, benefits and risks of proceeding in such matters with our clients upfront so that they can make informed decisions.